Clean & Safe

Some things to remember for a “clean and safe” Downtown Art Walk experience:
• Trash and recyclables should be placed in appropriate receptacles to help reduce community impact and expense.
• Do not crowd the sidewalks. Be courteous by walking single file and allowing others to pass freely. Avoid riding bicycles and skateboards where people walk. (DMV 21967)
• Do not jaywalk, it is dangerous and unlawful. (DMV 21954) & (DMV 21955)
• Be considerate of the residents and reduce the noise level to zero after 10 PM (Municipal Code 115.02).
• There is no public drinking on the streets or in galleries, but visitors are welcome to patronize established local bars and restaurants. (Municipal Code 41.27)
• Street Vending is unlawful. (Municipal Code 42.00).
• Be aware of your surroundings and be considerate of the local population. Participate at your own risk and remember, you alone are responsible for your behavior.
• Encourage your friends and fellow “Artwalkers” to keep the neighborhood one of the nicest draws of Downtown Los Angeles!


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