Safety Information

Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk Public Safety Information

The Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk in conjunction with the Downtown Center Business Improvement District (DCBID) and the Los Angeles Police Department are working together to promote a safer Downtown Art Walk Experience. Our goal is to create a safe and satisfying environment for all who attend.

Pedestrian Safety
DO: Use the sidewalks
DON’T: Walk in the streets
DO: Obey all traffic signals
DON’T: Cross the street against the light
DO: Be courteous to fellow pedestrians
DON’T: Jaywalk ($191 fine if caught)

Alcoholic Consumption
DO: Drink responsibly
DON’T: Carry open containers of alcohol in public
DO: Use a designated driver
DON’T: Consume alcohol in public
DO: Avoid controlled substances
DON’T: Consume alcohol under the legal drinking age

Noise Ordinances
DO: Be respectful of residents
DON’T: Stand in the street to observe a performance
DO: Be aware noise violations will be enforced
DON’T: Produce amplified noise after 10pm
DO: Enjoy live performances responsibly
DON’T: Leave bars intoxicated or overly loud

Transportation Information
DO: Carpool or use public transportation
DON’T: Park illegally
DO: Cyclists are required to follow traffic laws
DON’T: Leave valuable in plain sight in parked cars
DO: Read all posted parking signage
DON’T: Operate a vehicle if you have been drinking

For this info in PDF form, please click here: Downtown LA Art Walk Public Safety Info.pdf

*Please note: Currently the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk does not coordinate site specific events, gallery space, vendor space, exhibits, booths, music, food truck lots or other happenings for creative or entrepreneurial people. Please visit the Art Walk yourself and take the time to meet the local galleries, businesses and venue operators who self-administer and manage these events to negotiate your own creative concepts. Use caution and properly verify opportunities. Beware of deceptive imposters who try to capitalize on this free, public event. Community economic development is the point of Art Walking… There is room for everyone! See you there!