March 2011 Map! It’s Green!

The Downtown Art Walk Map is prominently featured in both
in this issue (2nd issue each month) and LA Canvas PAGE 21 this issue.

Download the PDF version & print (as landscape):
March MAP Donated by FLUXbiz, a downtown Historic Core business.
Printing donated by City National Bank, California’s premiere private and business bank.

Use your mobile device or print your own, but if you forget, maps can also be picked up during the entire Downtown Art Walk (until they run out) at the Art Walk Lounge and…

Cotrutza Gallery 446 S. Main St.
Gary Leonard / Take My Picture: 860 S. Broadway
The Hive Gallery: 729 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles Center For Digital Art (LACDA): 107 West Fifth St.
Raw Materials 436 South Main St.
(sub)Urban 101 West 5th St.

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LACDA Presents: Wally Gilbert Geometric Series: Squares and Triangles

LACDA Presents: Wally Gilbert Geometric Series: Squares and Triangles
In conjunction with Downtown Art Walk February 10, 12-9pm, Reception: 7-9pm
107 W. 5th St. (near 5th & Main)

Show runs January 6-February 26, 2011

Wally Gilbert’s is a restless mind, and nowadays it drives an equally restless eye – and hand. Having innovated in molecular biology to the point of winning a Nobel Prize, Gilbert has since turned to the realm of visual art, although here, too, he keeps pushing at the limits of both his own imagination and the abilities of his tools. Moving from straight photography into the digital apparatus behind the modern-day camera, Gilbert has been riding the transformative abilities of the computer with increasing verve, coming up with formulations that bring forth the pictures behind the pictures, that amplify the pictures within the pictures, and that double these pictures back onto themselves in an increasingly kaleidoscopic embrace of optical transcendence.

In the “Squares and Triangles” series, as the name implies, Gilbert takes basic geometric forms, enmeshes them in digital halls of mirrors, and systematically unfolds entirely unassuming shapes into elaborate scintillations. Rhythmic pulsations echo into endless patterns, intricate structures unfurl and implode into gem-like apparitions, colors swell and fade into one another, all tickling the eye into a vibrant thrill. The structures begin simply, but quickly diversify; where Gilbert could have followed an orthodox minimalist formula, working out a particular schema into all its iterations, he takes a discretionary path determined more by taste – a taste for beauty and for optical fascination. This seems to prompt a yet greater adventurousness with regard to composition and even color: sometimes Gilbert examines a particular formation in several different hues, other times he seems to examine a particular hue, or range of hues, in several different formations.

Are these paintings or drawings? No, they are not painted or drawn. Are they photographs? No, they are not photographed – although they are produced with photographic materials. Gilbert may have an extensive background in photography, but he has found his way out of the camera and into the computer. These are the first works of his to rely entirely on what the computer can generate. Even the series immediately preceding, in which Gilbert investigated many of the same effects, turned as its core imagery to the human head – an organic formation whose initial capture, at least, took place outside the desktop, and which insists on a reference point outside both software and hardware. Not here. Gilbert’s sole tool in these series is the computer, which he appositely describes as a “digital workspace.” What he’s making here may or may not be photography, but it has nothing to do with the camera.

The computer, in its burgeoning infinitude, is opening up a whole new realm of artistic expression. Wally Gilbert is not the first to step through the portal into this still-uncharted – and perhaps unchartable – realm. But, by concentrating on what he can form rather than simply on what tricks he can get his machine to perform, Gilbert makes that realm that much lovelier and more inviting.

Peter Frank, Los Angeles, December 2010

Peter Frank is art critic for the Huffington Post and Adjunct Senior Curator for the Riverside Art Museum.

Artist Photographer Wally Gilbert had a career as a Molecular Biologist. Awarded a Nobel Prize in 1980 for discovering a rapid DNA sequencing method, he is now following a new passion in creating visual art. He has had twenty-seven solo-exhibits, including an exhibit at the Massachusetts College of Art in 2004 and a major installation in both Warsaw and Lodz in 2007.

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Design Create Innovate @ HCBID Outreach Center! (5th & Main)

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“To Assume Bodily Form” at the Eastern Columbia Building

“To Assume Bodily Form” at the Iconic Eastern Columbia Building
855 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014 – Corner of 9th & Broadway
During the February 10th Downtown Art Walk, enjoy a live New York jazz band!

To Assume Bodily Form

Raffi Musakhanyan and Argishti Musakhanyan explore that which has no form, the invisible entity at the source of emotion, intuition, and dreams. Through painting and sculpture, the artists effectively utilize traditional and non-traditional mediums to present visually stimulating works that suggest a struggle between the concepts they choose and the bodily form it occupies.

First shown in San Francisco from June through November 2010 and a follow up of their last two-man exhibit, “the known unknown” in Los Angeles, this exhibit threads the connection between the unknown and what can be interpreted in bodily form. The artists explore abstract ideas and reconstruct concepts simple in nature but complex in theory, and at times question their own perception. Blurring the line between real and surreal, Raffi and Argishti present an evident understanding of invisible forces and abstract ideas in a body of work that can be experienced by the viewer.

Raffi Musakhanyan – A painter and sculptor, Raffi received his Fine Arts degree from the prestigious Yerevan Khatchatur Abovyan University (YKAU) in Armenia. In 1988, he relocated with his family to America and since then, he has continued his art practice and has ventured into various fields in the arts. Raffi’s paintings and sculptures have been displayed in exhibits in Armenia, Russia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Florida, and Utah. A growing appreciation of his recent work, seven years in the making, has been developing and this is the third exhibition depicting a culmination of his most profound pieces.

Argishti Musakhanyan – pursued his passion for art at an early age and was participating in various exhibitions across the United States, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and Utah. After graduating from high school, he put exhibiting on hold in order to pursue an academic degree in art, and enrolled in California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco, where he received his BFA in Painting and Sculpture. After graduation, Argishti moved back to Los Angeles, where his work has grown substantially both in scale and concept. This exhibit displays his most recent discoveries.

“I find myself exploring themes of alienation and isolation, describing characters whose interactions are mediated through technology, bureaucracy or other power structures. Situations are created and characters are placed out of their element, blurring key information to elicit specific emotional reactions.”

For more information contact: Lisa 805-217-2186,

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NORBERTELLEN GALLERY PRESENTS: Infini Couleur – group exhibition

Thursday, Feb 10th – Downtown LA Art Walk noon – 10pm
215 W. 6TH ST. STE 110 LOS ANGELES, CA 90014

A classic parlor style exhibition of painting, illustration, photography, mixed media and sculpture from 24 established and emerging local, national and international artists.

Works by: Andrea Pun, Carmen Perez, Cassia Castro, CBaum, David Milton, DE’BA Designs, Derek Evans, Djembe & Canvas, Erik Jerumanis, Genea Barnes, Giovanni Barca, Hope Adler, Ione Citrin, Kenneth Johnson, Melanie Hopper, Miguel Andrisani, Nagy Kornel, Neal Crosbie, Nikki Cross, Nikolas Kazoura, Robert Cavalli, Robert E. Richards, Tiffini Myers, Van Ly

NORBERTELLEN GALLERY contemporary fine art gallery is located on Gallery Row in the Historic Core of Downtown Los Angeles, supports established and emerging local, national and international artists and hosts an eclectic array of work from painters, illustrators, photographers, sculptors, mixed media and digital media artists. Exhibitions are hand picked with a diverse range from Ethnic Folk Painting from the Mithila Painters of India, to International Group Shows, Local Downtown Los Angeles Artists, to the Top Japanese Professional Illustrators.

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CB1 Gallery Presents: Alexander Kroll

CB1 Gallery

is pleased to present the Los Angeles solo gallery debut of Los Angeles artist Alexander Kroll. His exhibition “Unfoldings” will be on view at CB1 Gallery in downtown Los Angeles from January 13, 2011 – February 20, 2011. Kroll was one of four young painters featured in our July 2010 exhibition, “The Art That Dare Not Speak Its Name” and also was featured in a summer 2009 group exhibition at ACME Gallery. A reception for the artist will be held on Saturday, January 15, 2011, 5 – 7 p.m.

Untitled, 2010: Oil and egg tempera on linen over panel 12" x 5"Untitled, 2010: Oil, acrylic, enamel, and oil egg tempera on panel 8" x 5Untitled, 2010: Oil, oil egg tempera and ink on panel 10" x 8"

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Art Los Angeles Contemporary @ Barker Hangar Jan. 27-30

Art Los Angeles Contemporary, now in its second year, is Los Angeles’ international contemporary art fair held January 27-30, 2011.

After a successful inaugural edition produced in West Hollywood at the Pacific Design Center, the art fair relocates in 2011 to the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. The new venue allows the fair to grow to accommodate more art galleries and large scale special projects in an expansive venue with soaring 40 foot ceilings.

The fair presents 70 top international blue chip and emerging galleries from around the world, with a strong focus on Los Angeles galleries. Participants showcase some of the most dynamic recent works from their roster of represented artists, offering an informed cross section of what is happening now in contemporary art making. The fair provides a sophisticated yet accessible environment for art collectors, curators, and patrons of the arts alike to enjoy.

In addition, the fair hosts a comprehensive programming series, including world class artist talks, museum curator led panel discussions, and an artist film screening and performance series. Special events are staged on site at the art fair as well as throughout the city in satellite locations.

Home to internationally renowned museums, leading art schools, hundreds of contemporary galleries, and a prodigious number of practicing artists, Los Angeles serves as the perfect landscape for a progressive, international contemporary art fair.

The Barker Hangar
3021 Airport Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Opening Night: Thursday, January 27, 8–10pm
Friday, January 28, 11am–7pm
Saturday, January 29, 11am–7pm
Sunday, January 30, 11am–6pm

Tickets will be available online for pre-sale nearer the date of the event, as well as at the box office during the fair.
Public Admission 1-day Pass: $18
Public Admission 3-day Pass: $28

Parking: Parking is available on-site at the fair for $10.

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