Basic Info

The free, self-guided, public art phenomenon known as The Downtown Art Walk brings together art lovers and community friends to the ever evolving downtown Los Angeles. With exciting and unique offerings around every corner, downtown celebrates the arts each and every month on the 2nd Thursday. Please refer to your calendar for specific dates. Hours vary by gallery, but can typically range from Noon – 9PM.

Future Downtown Art Walk dates (the 2nd Thursday of every month) are: March 10, April 14, May 12.

Many of The Downtown Art Walk activities take shape in and around the galleries predominantly on Spring and Main streets between 2nd and 9th streets. However, there is a plethora of art related events and openings, activities, and special programming that take place all over downtown. For example: Central City: 7th + Fig Art Space, Arts District: 410 Boyd in The Arts District , South Park:Terrell Moore Gallery. All offer curious art fans plenty to see and do on their night out.

For the true art buyers and fans, arriving early offers a more relaxing stroll through the different galleries and art exhibits. As the evening progresses, more visitors descend on the area to meet up with friends and savor the local experience. Visitors and local downtowners can often be found patronizing the outcropping of local shopping, dining and entertainment establishments that have created the thriving, vibrant community around the environs of The Downtown Art Walk’s footprint.

Public transportation or carpooling is encouraged. The Pershing Square station on the Metro Red Line offers both hassle free transportation and affordable parking. Pershing square is only 2 short blocks away from the center of Artwalk. Other parking is abundant and convenient. Please read posted signs before parking on the street.

Visitors, neighbors, and fans are encouraged to do their part as good citizens. Look after the community and encourage other visitors to keep the environment clean and safe for all to enjoy. After all, this is downtown Los Angeles’ premier, free, public gathering month after month!

Some things to remember for a “clean and safe” Downtown Art Walk experience:
• Trash and recyclables should be placed in appropriate receptacles to help reduce community impact and expense.
• Do not crowd the sidewalks. Be courteous by walking single file and allowing others to pass freely. Avoid riding bicycles and skateboards where people walk. (DMV 21967)
• Do not jaywalk, it is dangerous and unlawful. (DMV 21954) & (DMV 21955)
• Be considerate of the residents and reduce the noise level to zero after 10 PM (Municipal Code 115.02).
• There is no public drinking on the streets or in galleries, but visitors are welcome to patronize established local bars and restaurants. (Municipal Code 41.27)
• Street Vending is unlawful. (Municipal Code 42.00).
• Be aware of your surroundings and be considerate of the local population. Participate at your own risk and remember, you alone are responsible for your behavior.
• Encourage your friends and fellow “Artwalkers” to keep the neighborhood one of the nicest draws of Downtown Los Angeles!

Don’t worry if you miss this Thursday! The Downtown Art Walk happens each and every month on the 2nd Thursday!

To submit your gallery exhibit ONLY info or press release, please e-mail: ONLY. All submissions are subject to scrutiny for relevance and content. Attached images must be no larger than 72 dpi & a maximum of 7″ wide, no more than 3 images, or they will be discarded. Please DO NOT submit info about or containing verbiage regarding parties, free drinks, music events, pop ups or vendor areas, food trucks, or any other non-gallery or non-art related happenings.

*Please note: Currently the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk does not coordinate site specific events, gallery space, vendor space, exhibits, booths, music, food truck lots or other happenings for creative or entrepreneurial people. Please visit the Art Walk yourself and take the time to meet the local galleries, businesses and venue operators who self-administer and manage these events to negotiate your own creative concepts. Use caution and properly verify opportunities. Beware of deceptive imposters who try to capitalize on this free, public event. Community economic development is the point of Art Walking… There is room for everyone! See you there!

NOTE: The Downtown Art Walk does not endorse or guarantee events/exhibits, any mentions are purely informational.